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SARAJEVO ROSES* – Terror in 12 Pictures (2012) - 55 min

It is a documentary film about the way the 44-month siege in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital has been depicted and reconstructed in the various trials before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The film, produced on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the beginning of the siege, features the residents of Sarajevo witnessing before the court, recounting their ordeals and the suffering of their families and friends. It also features evidence from international eyewitnesses, including renowned war correspondents, whose news reports from Sarajevo were presented in the trial. The film exclusively uses the courtroom recordings provided by the ICTY Audio-Visual Unit, and wartime documentary footage admitted into evidence at the various Sarajevo trials.

*A Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar caused by a mortar shell explosion that was later filled with the red resin. (Wikipedia)

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2005) - 52 min

The ICTY has judged the crime as genocide and three men have pleaded guilty acknowledging their participation in the executions of more than 7,000 men and boys and the deportation of nearly 30,000 women and children. Even the Republika Srpska Government has finally accepted that Srebrenica was a crime carried out by its forces. Despite all proofs, denials about genocide, the numbers of victims or whether a crime was even committed, persist.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a documentary film produced by SENSE, examines evidence adduced from the judicial process. The film presents the testimony of victims, forensic experts and the confessions of several of the massacre’s perpetrators, side-by-side with the denials and revisionist interpretations that seek to minimize the scale of atrocity.

As a reminder of this tension, the poignant words of Telford Taylor, lead prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial, open the film: “It is important to determine those incredible facts on the basis of clear and public evidence, so that no one could ever doubt that those were indeed the facts, rather than fabrications.”

The film presents the testimony of those who organized and perpetrated the killings and those who tried to cover it up - digging mass graves and reburying bodies, as well as the moving personal stories of Srebrenica survivors including Camila Omanovic, Hasan Nuhanovic and Osman Avdic.

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Life and Deeds of Radovan Karadzic (2005) - 51 min

“In every environment, Radovan would show a different face” – says one of the persons interviewed in "Life and Deeds of Radovan Karadzic". This film presents some of the more prominent of Karadzic`s many faces: that of a psychiatrist, poet, politician, commander-in-chief, person charged with genocide and fugitive from international justice. There have been many twists and turns in his rise from a Montenegrin shepherd to a hero of a Serb myth. In the end, he soared to greatest heights only to plummet to the lowest depths. There is drama in this, there is tragedy and comedy. People who know him well or who thought they knew him well speak about him. Those are the people who cannot be disinterested, the people who have been deeply affected by the war for the Serbian state in Bosnia Karadzic led.

The film examines his rhetoric, arguments he used to manipulate the masses, his political mentors and the aftermath of his actions, described in the indictment issued against him by the ICTY. The strong and widespread myth about him is now mostly confined to the realm of epic folk songs. Although it is now history, the myth must be looked at, because it has yet to see its conclusion, in judicial, moral and political terms.

Documentary material and testimony of he knew and those who knew him well are important to all those who want to look into the life and works of Radovan Karadzic, regardless of their political beliefs. They are just as important to all those who have an interest in Bosnia then and now, the war in the former Yugoslavia and current political developments in the Western Balkans.

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Rise and Fall of General Mladic (2005) - 45 min

"Rise and Fall of General Mladic" paints a picture of a contradictory personality of the first man of the Serb army during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is in hiding now, avoiding arrest and surrender to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where he faces charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The film re-examines the myth of Ratko Mladic as a soldier, leader, hero, an extraordinary man – a myth that has come into being as an instrument of political propaganda. Widely accepted and unquestioned at the beginning, it is now being kept alive mostly in the circles of defeated adherents of the military and national project designed to encompass all Serbs in a single state. The myth has been shaken by recent disclosures about the nature and scale of the crimes, public admissions of guilt and condemnations of indiscriminate shelling of Sarajevo and mass murder of civilians in Srebrenica. This has dispelled many doubts whether those things actually happened and whether Mladic indeed was the man behind them. Members of his General Staff are already in The Hague. He is the only man missing: he is ten years late.

He was a general of two armies at the same time: Yugoslav and Bosnian Serb. This fact is curious enough in itself, but it raises the issue of a conflict of interest, which might in fact be ongoing. This is another issue addressed by the film through the story of Mladic`s origins and his climb up the career ladder in the military service.

The film presents a comprehensive and systematic picture of Ratko Mladic, recording various opinions of the man and the changes he has been through. It is there to give food for thought to all viewers with an interest in the subject, regardless of their beliefs and sympathies.

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The Fugitives (2004) - 52 min

The film reveals the secrets of Radovan Karadzic`s and Ratko Mladic`s nine year flight from international justice, the price that Bosnia - Herzegovina, in particular Republika Srpska, is paying for their continued freedom and the evidence presented in the Tribunal courtrooms over the past years showing their personal role in the crimes for which they were indicted.Former and present Chief Prosecutors Richard Goldstone, Louise Arbour and Carla Del Ponte, the High Representative Paddy Ashdown, Bosnian Serb politicians Milorad Dodik and Dragan Kalinic, economist Zarko Papic, Professor Miodrag Zivanovic, journalists Zeljko Kopanja, Dragan Davidovic and Seki Radoncic and others discuss these and other topics in the film "The Fugitives".

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Against All Odds (2003) - 68 min

Even though its founders admit that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was “born to die” here is the tale of its survival and success against all odds.

"Against All Odds" is the documentary about the first ten years of the International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the great battles it has had to fight over the past decade: for survival, for respect and for time. The testimony of the current and former president of the Tribunal: judges Antonio Cassese, Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, Claude Jorda and Theodor Meron; Chief Prosecutors: Richard Goldstone, Louise Arbour and Carla del Ponte; and many other players, document this exciting, important and successful experiment in international criminal justice.

Through library footage from the courtrooms and from crime scenes, the film reconstructs the crucial and most dramatic moments - victims testimonies, confessions, forensic evidence, investigations, indictments, judgments - that have marked the decade in which the Tribunal managed not only to survive but to succeed against all odds.

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Triumph Of Evil (2001) - 90 min

"Triumph of Evil" documentary film produced by SENSE News Agency about SREBRENICA Trial, is the first, and so far the only, video-document about one complete trial before an international criminal tribunal after the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials.

The documentary "Triumph of Evil" shows all stages of the trial: from the Prosecutor`s Opening Statement to the Trial Chamber Judgment.

The ICTY Judgment in Srebrenica Trial was rendered on 2nd August 2001. The accused – Bosnian Serb General Radislav Krstic - was the first person convicted of genocide by the ICTY and sentenced to 46 years imprisonment. He was found guilty of participating in deportation around 30.000 women and children and mass execution of at least 7 000 Muslim men by the Bosnian Serb Army, after the fall of Srebrenica enclave in July 1995.

The documentary includes the most dramatic testimonies by witnesses who survived execution and other victims of crimes committed in Srebrenica, as well as testimonies of the accused and defense witnesses. Important part of the documentary is dedicated to presentation of forensic evidence: exhumations of primary and secondary mass graves, bodies and personal belongings found in the mass graves and other exhibits presented by both sides during the trial, with testimonies of the forensic experts.

"Triumph of Evil" was broadcast by many TV stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and has received very positive reviews in local media.

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